item2 Musikalische Interpretation: Aufnahmen, Forschung & Beratung item2
item2 Musikalische Interpretation: Aufnahmen, Forschung & Beratung item2
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The audio industry is only making slow progress towards the development of a truly promising 3D audio system that is also suitable for music. The status quo is rarely sonically convincing and not commercially promising either.

In this context, the research and developments of have led to pioneering new insights into the auditory perception of the indirect components of 3D spatial sound fields - in other words, everything that is called reflection and diffusivity and which, in its sum, is what makes the sound. Extremely powerful perception mechanisms are, it seems, highly specialized for as yet unmeasurable but very essential intricacies of these sound components, but they are neither addressable nor addressed by current 3D audio methods.

With Enveloping3D, is developing audio methods that make these perceptual mechanisms accessible to audio reproduction - in later stages of development, presumably even much more effectively than can be the case when listening in natural environments.

Enveloping3D is thus the key to truly immersive audio listening and therefore also to the intensive emotional involvement of the listener in what is heard. The difference to the previous is great and will probably be much greater with further development work. Beyond approaching listening experiences in good-sounding natural environments, we can expect to see entirely new kinds of listening dimensions that are at once captivating and powerfully affecting, and are likely to give audio a much higher status than it has today.


A. Methods:

Enveloping3D (Headphone-Upmix)

The sonic problems of headphone listening (of stereo recordings) are eliminated, a fascinating new world of spatial sound is created.

Unexpected, natural sounding spatiality, beauty of sound and intensity: the reinvention of headphone listening.


Enveloping3D (HOA Headphone-Mix)

Great 3-dimensional sound: mixes of music recordings especially for headphone listening (binaural mixes) that were not possible before.


Enveloping3D (Loudspeaker)

Exceptional naturalness, sonority and intensity.

The listener is enveloped in the same way as in natural spaces and is much more emotionally involved in the sound experience than was previously possible.

Highly flexible and future-proof (unlike channel-based methods such as Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D).


Akustische Formung (Acoustic Shaping)

Alterations and improvements of the acoustics of rooms in a very natural sounding way and with little effort.

Much better acoustics, especially for concert and event rooms.


A. Algorithms

Basic algorithms for the 3D audio technology HOA (Higher Order Ambisonics), with which essential spatial sound properties of HOA sound fields become accessible and controllable for immersive perception.


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