Special cases:

The concept presented here can only be used to add reflections and reverberation, not to reduce them. In fact, the acoustic problems in most concert halls can be resolved in this way. Even if the reverberation in a particular hall is felt to be too strong, this might simply be because there are too few reflections which, if they are added, would make the reverberation sound natural and fitting again.

However, if in addition to the methods offered by Saalakustik.de it is also necessary to reduce reflections or reverberation in some parts of the hall, then additional structural acoustic measures are unavoidable. It is very effective in many cases to hang absorbent curtains or put up screens to divert reflections by varying angles; these can be set up temporarily on agreement during our demonstration.

In complex cases Saalakustik.de works with top acoustic experts to find the best solution for your hall.




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