Demonstration in your hall: offers demonstrations of acoustic shaping with no obligation. The best time for us to set up the equipment so that it is adapted to the specific feature of the auditorium is during the main rehearsal, if this is held in the concert hall, or during the first half of the dress rehearsal.

As soon as the equipment has been set up in the best way the conductor and other listeners can come. The orchestra then briefly plays a few excerpts from characteristic sections of the score several times while we demonstrate the effect of the method by switching between the hall's natural acoustics and acoustic shaping. The remote device can also be immediately used by the client to switch back and forth between natural acoustics and acoustic shaping.

We would be glad to demonstrate the acoustic optimisation technique to you during the concert which follows the main rehearsal. In order to do this we need a place in the auditorium at which the acoustics are representative for the entire hall.


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