The effect

The principal conductor of the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra, Christoph-Mathias Mueller, described the effect of the acoustic optimisation of Göttingen's Town Hall as follows:


Acoustic shaping has nothing to do with amplifying the sound as such; all that happens is that the room acoustics are optimised. Nor does it really have anything to do with the use of loudspeakers/sound reinforcement systems. The balance aimed at by the conductor and achieved by the orchestra is not altered in any way at all – in fact, its properties are brought to the fore all the more effectively. As part of this acoustic shaping the sound is enriched with elements of the „aura“ which is characteristic of the acoustics of famous concert halls.

Although non-professional listeners are not usually consciously aware of the acoustic optimisation, they experience the interpretation with greater intensity and take away with them a much more impressive concert experience.

Ultimately, acoustic shaping makes events more attractive and also makes for larger audiences.


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