Importance of reflections and diffusivity:

Room acoustical parameters usually play a crucial role in making music played indoors come alive for listeners in all its intricacy and beauty. A hall's acoustics are created by Early Reflections and Reverberation.

Well proportioned reverberation is capable of „carrying“ the music and enabling listeners to experience the dramatic structure of pieces played by the musicians; at the same time, even and vital reverberation brings out the music's quintessentially sensuous qualities.

In contrast to the reproduction of music on a home stereo system, good room acoustics envelope listeners from all sides and „draw them into the music“.

The right quantity of correctly positioned and timed early reflections are needed in order to elicit an overall brightness and radiance of sound, particularly from the first violin.

The carefully proportioned use of both components gives the tone colour its brilliance and multidimensional quality and, at the same time, makes the sound itself more transparent, and adds a fuller and more rounded sonority which provides listeners with an even more satisfactory auditory experience.


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