item2 Musikalische Interpretation: Aufnahmen, Forschung & Beratung item2
item2 Musikalische Interpretation: Aufnahmen, Forschung & Beratung item2
item2 - Overview


The audio industry is making slow progress in developing a truly promising 3D audio system.

In this situation has developed disruptive-innovative algorithms and procedures for 3D audio and room acoustics.


A. Algorithms

Fascinating 3-dimensional sound (e.g. for music recordings) through disruptive fundamental algorithms for the 3D audio technology HOA (Higher Order Ambisonics).


B. Methods:

Enveloping3D (Headphone-Upmix)

The sonic problems of headphone listening (of stereo recordings) are eliminated, a fascinating new world of spatial sound is created.

Not considered possible spatiality, beauty of sound and intensity: the reinvention of headphone hearing.


Enveloping3D (HOA Headphone-Mix)

Great 3-dimensional sound: mixes of music recordings especially for headphone listening (binaural mixes) that were not possible before.


Enveloping3D (Loudspeaker)

Undreamt-of naturalness, sonority and intensity.

The listener is enveloped in the same way as in natural spaces and is much more emotionally involved in the sound process than was previously possible.

Highly flexible and future-proof (unlike channel-based methods such as Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D).


Akustische Formung (Acoustic Shaping)

Alterations and improvements of the acoustics of rooms in a very natural sounding way and with little effort.

Much better acoustics, especially for concert and event rooms.


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