The team is

Gernot von Schultzendorff (previously longstanding tonmeister with „Deutsche Grammophon“) as the developer of acoustic shaping,

Rainer Höpfner (previously longstanding studio manager with "Deutsche Grammophon" and head engineer at the Emil Berliner Studios) as engineering manager,

as well as highly qualified tonmeisters and engineers with many years of experience of working with orchestras.


Gernot von Schultzendorff

After having worked for 22 years in a professional capacity for Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft in Hanover, in particular in the roles of


Gernot von Schultzendorff developed »acoustic shaping« and set up the company .

Hall acoustics:

For much of his time with Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft Gernot von Schultzendorff was also responsible for assessing how suitable the acoustic properties of venues were for location sound recordings and, in this capacity, he visited literally hundreds of concert halls.

Impulse responses:

Back in the late 1990s, well before the wide availability of convolution reverb, Gernot von Schultzendorff treated many of his recordings with some rather experimental acoustic simulation equipment, the Huron-A Digital Audio Convolution Workstation produced by the Australian company Lake DSP. Innovative approaches to the best technologies available at the time ultimately made the development of »acoustic shaping« possible.


Many of Gernot von Schultzendorff's recordings have won accolades from the critics for the unusually good and highly natural quality of their sound. More information about these recordings and the critics' responses can be found at


Rainer Höpfner

Rainer Höpfner has built up a wealth of experience with technical equipment, manufacturers and the technical departments of concert halls and opera houses.

From 1979 – 1989 Rainer Höpfner worked as audio technician for Deutsche Grammophon, in particular on recordings conducted by Herbert von Karajan.



Foto: Gernot von Schultzendorff speaking at the "Deutscher Orchestertag" at Berlin.




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